Saturday, September 22, 2012

Patricia Beckman


Last weekend I made my Pro debut in women's bodybuilding.  I competed with 8 other women at the Kansas City Classic IFPA Pro International in Overland Park, Kansas.  I was happy to place 5th against some amazing physiques.  The best part of the whole show was that I got to compete along side the best of the best in women's natural bodybuilding, Patricia Beckman.  If you follow bodybuilding at all you know who I'm talking about.  She has won the International Title the past three years and the World Champion Title the past two.  She will be making her attempt to repeat the World's title in October at the Yorton Cup.

This woman is amazing!  To be up on stage with her was both scary and inspiring.  I must admit that I felt a like a little girl next to a woman!  The best thing is that along with an awesome physique, Patricia is super nice.  She has worked very hard for many years before hitting the competitive stage.  her patience and dedication have paid off.
So, what did I do this morning?  I hit the gym for a little leg action after taking the week off.  I have been dieting for 9 months and completing two a days for so long that I needed to take a break.  What is good about taking a break, well, it not only gives your body a break, but more importantly for me it gives my mind a break.  At least for me, no matter how much I love the gym, when I HAVE TO go there religiously for 9 months straight, it becomes a job.  What was great about being in the gym this morning?  I didn't HAVE TO be there, I wanted to be there.  I wanted to continue to push myself so that the next time I am on stage I will have MY best body yet!

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